#tbt NCYC two years ago. #ncyc

#tbt NCYC two years ago. #ncyc

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Being called to Glory on this Ash Wednesday <3 #ashwednesday #ncyc

Being called to Glory on this Ash Wednesday <3 #ashwednesday #ncyc

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A year ago today… 

A year ago to  this date I would be arriving at the National Catholic Youth Conference .. A weekend that changed my life

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Oh the memories. I miss NCYC

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My family is going to hate me by the end of the night… I cant wait to be like 

  • I have sat there
  • I walked there
  • I sang there
  • I saw mass there
  • I saw Mart Hart there
  • I am was so excited there


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Fact Twenty Six: I cant wait for the Superbowl only because I get to point out/describe/ remember all the great memories that happened at Lucas Oil Stadium when I was there for NCYC 

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The guy on Nightly News is standing on the 20 yard line and I sat there for Mark Harts opening talk 

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If I am feeling sad I click my NCYC tag bar thingy and read and all the happy memories come back. 

I cant believe its been 2 months. I still have my NCYC count down on my igoogle page.

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Does anyone remember the dance we learned?? 

I was listening to Dynamite today and I was trying to figure out the dance and I forgot half of it.  =[

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NCYC Memory  

Everytime I see a picture of a panda, I think about this guy who was going to school to be a priest. He was talking to us about the GPS thing (which is so cool) and some how we got on the topic to what type of exotic pet we want and I said a panda or kola. I really wish I got a picture with him and his name.  

NCYC Memories  

  • The seven hour bus ride there. I had so much fun talking to my new best friend Kara, David and Joe. Before the trip I did not know David and Joe, they are from a different church. Sitting in front of them for Seven hours builds great friendships. We spent most of the weekend with them and it was great.
  • My bed at the hotel. I cant sleep with other people due to the fact that they will wake with bruises all over their bodies.  So I built a bed out of four dinning room chairs and an arm chair. To my surprise it was pretty comfy.
  • Opening Ceremony. It was so amazing. I cant even put it into words. I screamed and sang and laughed and prayed. It was so amazing. 
  • Singing the Circle of Life with everyone there was pretty epic.
  • Having 23,000 Catholics around you at the moment of the day. It felt so great. They are all so nice and loving.
  • Meeting Mark Hart. It was so great. I was at the Teen Life booth and he was there too. I walked up to him and was like oh my gosh I love you. He laugh and said I love you too. Then signed my NCYC book and asked if I was ready for mass tonight and that was it.
  • Hanging out with the Invisible Children crew. I love this organization. IC has came to my school many times but I never really talked to them after watching there video. I got to talk to Godfrey. A guy who use to be part of the LRA. He was one of the nicest and funnest person I ever meet. After telling him how my best friend and I plan on joining the crew and hoping to take a trip to Uganda to help. 
  • Stick Lady… She was the lady from the other church that was on our bus. She was also our bus caption =/. No one from my church liked him. She had a stick with fish on it to keep her church together so we named her stick lady.
  • On Friday we finally got her stick… it was pretty great feeling. We even plotted against her. 
  • Closing Mass was another fantastic event. Oh my gosh. I can not even explain it. Getting the Eucharist with 23,000 people and praying with them. It was one of the best experiences ever.
  • Walking around the Mall one night and hearing one person yell NC and then hearing about a tons of people screaming YC back, hearing that in the halls was great and walking from the Stadium to the Convention Center.
  • The Bishop Trading Cards. When I first go them I thought they were stupid. But after I started going to the Bishop booth and getting them signed and talking to them was pretty much one of the best things. I use to thing the Bishops where boring people but they are pretty fun and great.
  • Trying to meet Katie (http://katievig.tumblr.com/). Sadly we never got the time to meet up. From reading her tumblr and texting her, she seems like an amazing person. I hope one day in the future God will put on the same path and we will meet.
  • Aye. That is all I have to say. Whenever we passed a huge group of people someone would start screaming aye. It was pretty fun.
  • I meet so many people from trading Unicorn and BRB pins. It was so great. 
  • Rachels other half. Rachel is one of my best friends that came on this trip. She is fantasic. Anyways on Saturday, a boy came up to her and asked her if she wanted to be his other half. She said yes, so he drew half a heart on her hand. Later that night after mass he found her. It is was cute.
  • The texts people told us to send. Once I sent the Called to Glory and pretty much got ?? marks back. 
  • A couple of my friends and I went to the Comedy Club. It was so funny. 
  • On Saturday My NCYC partner and I decided to walk to the doors on the other side of the Convention Center.  We were walking under the bridge thing with like thousands of other teens and there were people just looking at us oddly.
  • Through out the weekend my friends and I got many different pins and made inside jokes with those pins like  I Love Catholic Boys pins and a pin with the creepiest nun on it.
  • My room was pretty amazing except for one person but whatever. Anyways every night we would have popcorn ( more of like 4 bags of it) for dinner. Then another one would always have coffee. She was crazy. We could not even say Hey with out is laughing for many minutes. There was a girl in our room who was the oldest and she would always call us kids and wake us up. She was pretty great and fun. 
  • Our bus driver was AMAZING. His nickname was Mocha Bean. Every morning to wake up he would make us say   the Pledge of Allegiance and national song. One night we all sang Friends in Low places on the way back to our hotel. Mocha Bean would start singing the shout song and then he would grade us on our shout reply. He made the bus rides so great and he would make us all laugh and smile.
  • In the the park was a booth were you got to play games with the nuns. I had so much playing with them. I thought they were going to boring ( like the bishops) but they were so much fun. The only bad thing is they gave out Frisbee if you won a game and my best friend got hers taken away before walking in the Stadium. It was so funny. =]
  • Durning mass when in one of the readings, I forgot what they said but half of the group I was with freaked out because J.K Rowling used it in the Harry Potter books.
  • Three of my group members had a inside joke with the 3 month baby fetus one of the pro life tables gave out.
  • My youth leader was the one that was on crutches the whole time. Anyways three of our kids decided to get her a wheelchair for the night we went out to dinner at the mall. She insisted that she would not use one.Anyways we let the person who is the the worst driver and oddest person to drive her around. It was so funny. At one point of time we put the wheel chair with her on the escalator … It did not work she had to get out of it. It was so funny.
  • One the way home we watched Beauty and the Beast. My youth group sat and quoted the whole movie.

NCYC was so great. It was the best trip I have taken.

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I just got home from NCYC. Oh my gosh I had the best time of my life. I can not even explain it. I had so much fun and it opened my eyes to a lot. I got to meet so many great people who made me smile and happy.  I got to talk to Bishops all around the states. I wish NCYC was every year. I do not even know what to type to explain this weekend. It felt like a dream. 

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The day has finally come  

NCYC IS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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