Fact 191: Les Clark and Marc Davis is my all time favorite of the Nine Old Men  

Fact 190: I missed being Blonde  

Fact 189: I find Happy Days funny. 

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Fact 188: Most nights during exam week I only eat a huge bowls of green peas 

Fact 187: BD. Wong is beautiful  

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Fact 185: Don’t act defeated dear, it’s very middle class 

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Fact 184: I love Joe Haden and Josh Cribbs  

Fact 183: Shelby on Ax Men is amazing 

Fact 182: My favorite food is Naan Bread  

Fact 180: I am really sad that American Chopper has ended  

Fact 179: I got on Retreat team again!! 

Fact 178: In 23 hours I will be leaving for Disney  

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Fact 176: Today is Village Day!!! Happy Village Day my followers  

Fact 175: I am really dreading tomorrow  

The only thing I am excited for tomorrow is seeing my cousin Julia who I have not seen since June 

Fact 175: I cant handle this cough I have  

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Hello!!This blog is pretty much everything that I call my life. From Catholic stuff to Music/band to Disney.
A little about me: My name is Mckayla. At the moment I am attending Kent State majoring in Hospitality Management with minors in Event Planning,Business, Management, and Tourism . I am a massive Disney nerd and also a Catholic nerd. I have been to Disney over 25 times in the last 12 years. I will be working at WDW next fall and can not wait. Thank you for stopping by and Have a Magical Day.